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Q: What president passed the bill that authorized the Interstate Highway System? »

A: Dwight D. Eisenhower

Q: Actor Paul Giamatti stars as Charles Rhoades Jr. on what Showtime show? »

A: Billions

True or False

True or False? Citizens of Monaco are forbidden from gambling at the Monte Carlo Casino. »

A: True

True or False? The Dalai Lama's official residence is located in India. »

A: True

Multiple Choice

Which of these NCAA Division I men's basketball teams has the highest win percentage in history? »

A. Kentucky
B. North Carolina
C. Duke
D. Kansas

A: A. Kentucky

What is the national mammal of the U.S.? »

A. Mountain lion
B. Grizzly bear
C. American bison
D. Pronghorn

A: C. American bison

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